La Fougasserie, a favourite bakery

5 Rue de la Poissonnerie, 06300 Nice, France

Tel. +33 4 93 80 92 45

Old Nice is flooded with good bakeries; choices are immense, and decisions are difficult to make. Each bakery has its own face, adding something extra to the usual selection of croissants, pain au chocolat, pissaladiere, pain bagnat, etc. Thus we always find ourselves shopping for “baguette tradition” in the bakery close to Chez Palmyre, “brioche a la  pistache” in the bakery off Palais de Justice, and “tarte fleur d’oranger” on rue Droite.

However, there is one bakery, La Fougasserie, where we shop every day. Our daily purchase is their multigrain bread, the recipe of which comes unchanged from the 17th century. The bread is the best I have ever had. It offers a mixture of textures – a crunchy crust, soft chewy inside and an abundance of grains sprinkled over the crust. Faced with describing it to friends, I call it “orgasmic”, which makes my husband look visibly embarrassed but nevertheless gives justice to this artisanal creation. Needless to say, the bread is sold out very quickly. However, one can reserve a loaf or two, a tip which took us years to learn and which makes our life now considerably easier. No cake for us, Marie Antoinette, when we can have our “pain multigrain” from La Fougasserie.



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