Gelateria Azzurro, a favourite ice cream place


1 Rue Sainte-Reparate, 06300 Nice, France

Nice has an abundance of ice cream shops, and most of them are very good. Perhaps the reason for it is the high competition with Italians who open numerous gelato places here. The flavours and colours of local ice cream are mind-boggling, and choosing one is not easy. That said, our favourite ice cream shop is Gelateria Azzuro in Old Nice, and this is why.

The first thing that springs is the friendliness of the staff. Fiercely proud of their product, they are not anxious to make a sale if a customer might not be satisfied. I was once tempted to buy violet ice cream. The colour looked so pretty, and the idea of eating a flower-based gelato sounded good. “Have you ever tried it before?” was the question which I got from the vendor. After my “no”, he offered me a taste which saved me from a bad purchase. Non-traditional flavours could sometimes be a challenge. In the end, I settled for Ferrero Rocher, one of my favourite flavours. It turned out to be the best I have ever tasted which prompted me to return to the shop over and over again.

Gelateria Azzurro is a family-run business which opened in Nice in 1996. Their specialty is home-made ice cream and cones. It is hugely popular with the local French, another good sign.  Last time I bought ice cream there I saw a sign- “2nd best ice cream shop in France”. I was not surprised in the least.


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